The Strength Primer: No-Frills Manual to Building a Lifestyle of Real Size and Strength

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If you are carrying around a little extra fat, are really skinny, or weak...

If you are young, old, male, or female...

If you want to be stronger and more resilient as you age...

If you want to reduce aches and pains...

If you want to be big, strong, and powerful as an athlete..

If you need direction when going in the gym...

Imagine having an understanding and plan when you go to the gym...

Imagine putting hundreds of pounds on your squat, deadlift, and bench press and how that will help you and your family in your daily life. 

Imagine knowing how to eat to fuel your body based on your goals. You will become more disciplined, self-reliant, and you will look good doing it. 

This plan has worked for my clients from age 15-75 from many walks of life.

You have no excuse to not train and get stronger.

It would be my honor to be a part of your fitness journey.

Time to get after it.

If you are ready to commit to a lifetime of strength, then you need a plan that works long term. 

This simple, no frills, and practical guide will help you build a foundation of strength using barbell training. 

You will be taken through a mind-set shift in order to understand what is actually important in regards to building strength and achieving the type of body you want. 

No confusion, just simple, effective theory and programming of what works for people looking to gain muscle and develop a lifestyle of strength. 

Why you need to make strength your #1 priority:

  • Learn what strength is and what it will do for you. 

Basic Training Principles: 

  • Learn about how your body responds to stress and adapts to training loads. 
  • Learn the different ways of progression and periodization that are the backbone of quality training programs. 

Technical Breakdown of Main Barbell Lifts:

  • Learn the models for correct execution of the Squat, Deadlift, Bench, Press, and some variations. 

Programing Principles: Outline and Description:

  • Learn long-term programming for building your strength
  • Outlines beginning progression with phases that you can train with for up to a year.

The Heavy Triples and Whole Milk (H3x) Template:

  • Intermediate programming for the long-term. 

Nutrition Principles: 

  • Introduces the nutritional hierarchy that offers advice on how to scale your nutrition for strength, muscle building, and fat-loss. 

100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee.

If you don't like my ebook over the next 30 days, I will happily refund your money. 

So, you can either...

  • Continue wasting time in the gym. 
  •  Never figure out how strong you can be
  • Not be happy with what you see in the mirror


  • You can build a lifestyle and reap the benefits of strength. 

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The Strength Primer: No-Frills Manual to Building a Lifestyle of Real Size and Strength

2 ratings
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